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About Us

The Omanyala Foundation Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing sports and physical activity by running various programs, raising funds, and engaging with the community.

These activities play a crucial role in promoting sports and athletic development, particularly among underserved populations with an aim of creating a positive impact on individuals and communities in Kenya.

We Are Passionate About...


Promoting sports and physical fitness.


Investing in the development and improvement of sports infrastructure.


Hosting sports events, athletic competitions to encourage participation and talent development.


Championing healthy sports, advocating for active lifestyles, and raising awareness about the benefits of physical activities.


Collaboration with other sports organizations, international partners, government bodies, and non-profits to maximize the impact and reach of sports-related initiatives.


Encouraging environmentally sustainable practices in sports and promoting eco-friendly initiatives within the sporting community.


Singular focus and unique business acumen


Years of experience

Our Flagship Projects

The Omanyala Foundation – Street Sprint Festival/Series 2024

This is a ground breaking athletics initiative aimed at nurturing young talent in underserved communities across Kenya.

The Sprint Achievers – Academy

The Foundation has a vision of creating a sports academy that not only produces exceptional athletes but also contributes to community development, youth empowerment, and social change.

Collaborative Initiatives

The Foundation through its Trustees, partners with other Organizations to support sporting Activities such as Tennis Tens and Power Girl.

Other Initiatives

Climate Change

Sprint to Green

Sprint to Clean Sports

Awareness creation on healthy sports/ doping/ leveling playing field


Omanyala Foundation Trust is dedicated to sculpting the next generation of sportsmanship while championing the cause of environmental sustainability and wellbeing of sportspersons.

The Foundation envision a future where athletes, equipped with exceptional skills and a deep sense of responsibility, lead the way in fostering positive social change, creating a lasting legacy in sports.

To cultivate and elevate sports excellence by fostering talent development, nurturing the growth of young talents, sustaining healthy sports and promoting environmentally sustainable practices.

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